Vestival is an urban dance festival that began two years ago & is held in Arenapark in Amsterdam. Typically, a festival of this size would require diesel generators to supply its power. However, when the site manager alerted the organisers to the possibility of connecting to a grid power feed at a nearby sub-station, ZAP Concepts were called in to conduct a feasibility study around this. Through the development of a Smart Power Plan, coupled with real-time energy monitoring & advice on the best choice of electrical contractor, ZAP Concepts were able to power the entire festival from existing capacity on the grid. This was a ‘win win’ situation for the organisers: not only did this save them money by not having to hire in generators, but it was also a more sustainable solution which helped reduce CO2e emissions & reduce overall energy consumption.

Marco van Uden, producent Vestival:

ZAP Concepts played a key role in helping us select our electrical contractor. Their thorough & robust research helped us realize that our original first choice contractor did not have sufficient experience or technical knowledge to safely deliver power for our event. This advice was invaluable & together we were able to find the right supplier for this job.