DGTL, part of Apenkooi Events’ portfolio, is an electronic dance music festival full of innovation, inspiration & surprises. Festival goers are not simply there for the music, but are also drawn to the event for its outstanding production values, including lightshows & installations. The organisers spend all of their year looking for the latest technological innovations & special effects to help create an unforgettable experience. Sustainability lies at the heart of the DGTL festivals. The monitoring of energy consumption & the identification of opportunities for making savings are a top priority for them. Their whole production is geared towards making both financial & environmental savings.

The ZAP Concepts Smart Power Plan helped this by providing detailed insight into the predicted power consumption & guidance for suppliers in using more energy efficient equipment. So successful was this collaboration with all suppliers, including caterers, stage production teams & lighting designers, that Apenkooi now use ZAP Concepts for virtually all of their international shows.

After the success of the DGTL festivals in Amsterdam, the organization took the bold step to host an international edition in Barcelona in 2015. ZAP Concepts mission here was to see how DGTL Barcelona could run on the grid, in a city that had never seen such an outdoor dance festival before.

The festival was a great success, not only in the experience of its visitors, but also what happened behind the scenes. With sustainability as one of the main pillars, they have succeeded in making radical sustainable changes in the power consumption and supply of the festival, running it entirely from grid power using no diesel generators. And by organizing international festivals, they gave these innovations not only an international stage, they also managed to reach a large amount of people from all around the globe. After Barcelona, the Tel Aviv show followed. An edition in which ZAP Concepts was involved as well.

Gerke de Groot, Producer DGTL:

We love working with ZAP Concepts. The partnership is so good that we use them for virtually all our international events. They challenge us enough that we have to be innovative, but at the same time respect the production decisions we have to make.