ZAP Concepts offers consultancy in energy & sustainability; specialising in energy assessment, measurement & logging, together with the design of optimal power supplies for live events, through the use of our unique & internationally awarded Smart Power Plan.


ZAP Concepts not only accurately specifies and manages power at festivals and events, we are also active in the field of energy consultancy for both indoor and outdoor venues and public and private land owners. We design & specify permanent grid power connections for sites based on the power needs of the different events that take place there, reducing or removing the need for temporary generators. In this type of work, ZAP Concepts can present a business case for the project and can fulfil the role of project leader if required.

We also work with  developers of innovative energy systems, offering coaching and executive support. We do this through practical advice, but also by forming the bridge between the  technical developers of these systems and producers of festivals & events to achieve successful pilot schemes.

Finally, we regularly provide interactive workshops, where we share our knowledge and experience with others, and we contribute to industry publications and guides such as the Powerful Thinking Guide