Drift Festival

Festivals are becoming more and more sustainable and with good reason. But how do you get your festival to run solely on sustainable energy? To answer that question, the organisation of the Dutch Drift Festival turned to ZAP Concepts.

To celebrate both Drift Festival’s tenth anniversary and the election of Nijmegen (the city where Drift Festival is held) as European Green Capital 2018, Drift Festival’s organisers took on a considerable challenge: have the 2018 edition of the dance festival run entirely on sustainable energy.

In order to help them achieve this ambitious goal, ZAP Concepts came up with the ultimate solution: the Smart Power Plan. With this tailor-made strategy, every aspect of the sustainable power supply was taken into account, making sure that CO2 emissions and the use of generators at Drift Festival are forever a thing of the past.

Thanks to this innovative project, Drift Festival was able to say goodbye to its diesel generators. The A/C power was supplemented by TheBattery, Alfen’s sustainable energy storage system. Prior to the festival kick-off, TheBattery was recharged by the rooftop solar panels on the adjacent building.

Diede van Overbeek, co-founder of the Drift Festival, was thrilled with the innovative technology that powered Drift Festival. Knowing that the project was in good hands, he said:

Thanks to the help of ZAP Concepts, we were among the very first festivals in the Netherlands to be fully powered by solar energy. We have been able to replace all diesel generators with one battery. The Smart Power Plan enabled us to reduce fuel consumption by 1,700 litres and CO2 emissions by 4,500 kg!