DGTL: world’s first circular festival

A hundred percent plant-based and waste-less food court, less than 100 grams waste per visitor, absolutely 0 usage of Diesel, from pee to tea installations (yes, really) and flying in artists with sustainable aviation fuel: DGTL Festival is becoming world’s first circular festival.

They don’t have to tell you why that is important. But they do want to show you why it is more sustainable to dance during DGTL rather than staying home. Welcome to DGTL’s Sustainability Series. In the second episode they’ve talked with Paul Schurink, director of ZAP Concepts. Together we worked on a sustainable energy plan for the festival since 2014. From all energy generated by normal Diesel generators to BioDiesel to no Diesel use at all. Now DGTL Festival is fully sustainable energy, coming from different source. Let’s hope that a lot of other festivals will follow them.

More information about the sustainability plan of DGTL you can find here: DGTL Amsterdam – Sustainability